Tonight in class we talked about point-of-care tools. With that on my mind, I though I might find out a little more about ClinicalKey, Elsevier’s offering. It was launched in April of 2012, combining content from several of Elsevier’s previous products, notably MD Consult. According to its website, ClinicalKey boasts more than 2 million images, 1,000 reference books, and 60 full text journals. It provides topic pages (which reminded me strongly of libguides) for more than 1,400 diseases. An interesting feature I discovered was that there are built in features to make creating a presentation of the material as easy as possible.

Although sources were more difficult to find on this than on UpToDate, there are a number of YouTube videos which provide good walk-throughs and background on the resource. One of the ones I looked at is below.