This came through on the SLIS listserv. I wanted to make sure people didn’t miss it – it looks like a great opportunity.

This summer (2016), the Brown Center for Biomedical Informatics (BCBI) is seeking a library/information sciences graduate student to work on a project funded by the National Library of Medicine, National Institutes of Health. The student researcher will be directly involved with the analysis of existing metadata schema associated with biological and biomedical resources, with the goal of developing a metadata crosswalk that links information about medicinal plants among publicly accessible resources. The researcher will also be involved with the development of a systematic mapping process that includes data from large stores of biomedical and biodiversity data, aiming to support the discovery of potential phytotherapies across non-conventional sources that are being analyzed for the overall project.

The researcher’s total summer stipend will be $4,500. He/she will be expected to submit 5 bi-weekly installments of $900 (see below for proposed invoice schedule). Competitive candidates will be currently enrolled in an ALA-accredited Master’s degree program. Experience (including coursework) in interpreting metadata documentation and creating crosswalks is highly desirable.

The student will be expected to be onsite in Providence, Rhode Island for at least one of ten weeks in the summer.

1. June 15, 2016
2. June 29, 2016
3. July 13, 2016
4. July 27, 2016
5. August 10, 2016

Interested students may email Erika Sevetson,<>, with their resume/cv. Cover letter is not necessary.

Erika Sevetson, MS
Head of Health and Science Information Services/Health Sciences Librarian
Brown University Libraries
Box G-M155
Providence, RI 02912