I have a friend (also in a LIS program) who currently works as an assistant in a university medical library. Although she asked to remain anonymous, she most kindly agreed to let me ask her a few questions about her work and workplace. The next few blog posts will be dedicated to an approximate recreation of our interview (with some details changed).

Me: How did you start working in the medical library? Is this your first library job?

Her: This is my first job in a library. My husband got a job at the university here, and really encouraged me to get one too. I started as just a clerk in the dean’s office, but then I saw this job open, so I applied for it and got it. I thought I might like working in a library. And I had good memories of going to the library with my mother in the summer, and I was good friends with the librarian at the school I used to teach at. I always would come and bother her much more than the other teachers. I taught science and mathematics.

Me: How many employees work in your library?

Her: Three right now. There’s me, a girl at the desk who handles checking books in and out and keeps the books and things neat, and my boss, who has her MLIS. But we’re hiring a cataloger with a MLIS degree soon. We have a whole bunch of stuff that needs cataloging.