Me: Could you describe  your job for me?

Her: Well, I’m in charge of purchasing office supplies and books for the library. I don’t choose what books to buy, I buy what I am told to. And every day I get emails from doctors, or they bring lists of articles that they want me to find for them. So I’ll look up the articles that they need and email them PDFs. Today I got a list of 28 articles that a doctor wanted me to find. I also do research and provide services for some people outside the hospital. We don’t charge if they are students or teachers at the university (they have to show their ID at some point). So, for example, there is one movie that we own that the regular education professors like to show their students, so I’ll get it for them. But we’ll charge other people. We get a lot of attorneys calling for medical information to use in their cases. And I’ll look it up for them.

Me: So what level medical students do you have at your institution?

Her: We have 3rd and 4th years. The first two years are at another institution, where they do more bookwork, but they get to do clinicals here. Our specialty is family medicine. All our residents are here for family We just got a new batch of third years.