Me: Did the searching take a lot of getting used to? Was there a high learning curve for you?

Her:  What was really hard was figuring out how to get around paywalls. For learning the actual things, just show me how to do something one or two times, check that I’m doing it right, and I’m good.

[Note: My friend is very passionate about open access. I am beginning to see why.]

Me: Do you use a lot of MeSH for searching? Did you have to learn a lot of it?

Her: Not really. I’m trying to be familiar with it – I have it highlighted on my results – but I mostly use PubMed for searching. You know, they’ve got PubMed IDs (PMIDs) for every article. Although I saw today on the listserv that PubMed was acting a little off, so I did a lot of my searching on Google Scholar. But then I went right back to PubMed.