Web of Science was a database which was mentioned in passing during one of our classes. I wrote it down with the intention to explore it a bit later. Today I went through it with an eye to see how helpful the database is for searching for health care articles and information.

Web of Science is one of the databases which UA libraries purchase a subscription to, so I was easily able to log on through the libraries’ databases page. The home page is clean and attractive, and the search interface is fairly intuitive. There is also a link to the right side of the search box which offers tips to improve searching. The drop down list of ways to search includes several author variants (including group authors and author identifiers), conference, funding agency, and grant number. All options show a sensitivity to researchers working with scanty information about articles they are looking for  I was also pleased to see that users can choose to search by PMID. This feature would be very useful for finding full text content for citations discovered on PubMed.