I have been writing my ethics paper for the class, and so spent some time analyzing the code of ethics set out by the MLA.

It was interesting to see the division of ethical responsibility. Although the medical librarian primarily works with patients, students, and physicians, he/she is still considered responsible for helping to expand health literacy in society at large. This is mainly done through “creating conditions” in which health literacy can flourish – and probably also through educating the patrons which come into the library. This ties in well to the point about serving clients, as they will undoubtedly learn information literacy best in an environment where they are readily helped and feel safe.

I was surprised at first at the amount of time spent on what a librarian ethically owes to the profession of medical librarianship. It does make sense, however – if the profession is not upheld, there will be no organization to uphold standards, and the quality of all medical librarianship will decline, leaving society and clients without proper resources.

It would seem that in the end, all the ethical duties of a medical librarian feed into each other. MLA’s statement does a good job of demonstrating this.