After playing with Turning the Pages, I also looked at a few of the other digital projects NLM offers. Some, such as Historical Anatomies on the Web and Medicine in the Americas, 1610-1920, offer digital scans of pages from medical books published decades or centuries ago. Each record includes relevant publication data and keywords that help the user understand the subject and purpose of the book. All records are available to download, as well as to view on the web.

There is also a section for videos (which, confusingly, also contains a lot of books. I didn’t understand that organizational decision). Like with the books, I could choose to download or watch the video on the Internet. A very valuable feature for the videos is that they all come with searchable transcripts – a useful tool for the researcher.

There are also a set of exhibitions about different topics in health care history, including a set of nursing themed postcards and a collection of photographs and information about citizen actions in health care reform.

It is a very useful and well presented collection of medical historical documents, especially helpful for historical medical researchers.