I just discovered that NLM offers a weekly podcast with health updates called “To Your Health.” Naturally, I had to give it a try. Broadcasts from the last month or so are available on the page – the options I saw included pieces on the Zika virus, the impact of income on longevity, and harmful drinking. I chose a podcast about vision screening for seniors.

The overall message was about 5 minutes long, and was read by a staff member of the NLM. It offered a brief overall view of the topic (a new study on the subject), reactions to it,  and gave a list of places to go for free information on the topic. It ended with the usual disclaimer that no medical action should be attempted on this advice without consulting a doctor first.

Overall, I was impressed. The narrator was interesting to listen to, the message short and to the point, and the reference information at the end very useful. I look forward to listening to more of these in the future.